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Press release - 08 Aug 2016
EBU research shows strong public service media contributes to a healthy democracy 
Well-funded and strong public service media goes hand in hand with signs of a healthy democracy – that’s what a recent study by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s leading alliance of public service broadcasters, shows.
News - 28 Jul 2016
Big Data Initiative: striking the right balance for public service algorithms 
The RTBF’s big data expert Pierre Nicolas Schwab invites EBU Big Data Initiative participants to join a workshop addressing algorithms and PSM values this December in Brussels.
News - 29 Jun 2016
European subscription video-on-demand subscribers to reach 50 million by 2020 
New research from the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service shows that subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) subscribers in Europe grew 56% in just one year between 2014 and 2015, and are expected to reach 50 million homes by 2020.
News - 04 May 2016
New ‘Advocacy Package’ of reports strengthens case for public service media 
The EBU is pleased to offer a series of reports recently produced by its Media Intelligence Service (MIS) to showcase the value of public service media (PSM) in Europe. The package is designed to support Members needing to highlight their positive contribution to society.
News - 18 Apr 2016
New action plan supports Members in taking the first steps to promote their Contribution to Society 
Following the successful launch of the PSM Contribution to Society project, the EBU is now encouraging Members to get involved in implementing the new framework in their organizations
News - 11 Apr 2016
New research shows PSM performance and funding are linked to societal well-being 
The EBU has always promoted the idea that public service media is an essential component of building vibrant, open and democratic societies. But could we actually demonstrate that with statistics?
News - 22 Mar 2016
MIS report: Broadcast media remains the most trusted in Europe 
A recent EBU Media Intelligence Service (MIS) report: Trust in Media 2016, reiterates the findings from 2015, showing that TV and radio are still the most trusted media in the EU and Europe.
News - 11 Feb 2016
EBU's Big Data Week and the potential for public service media 
The EBU's Big Data initiative (#EBUbigdata) goes into full swing from 21 to 24 March with three events in Geneva, including a conference on big data as a game-changing prospect for public service media (PSM).
News - 10 Feb 2016
MIS report gives update on Digital Radio roll-out in Europe 
The EBU’s Media Intelligence Service has published the first edition of a yearly report on Digital Radio, in support of the EBU’s Digital Radio Initiative.
News - 15 Dec 2015
New MIS report supports licence fee as a means of public service media funding 
EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published its annual report on public service media (PSM) funding together with a new study underlining the importance of licence fee funding in relation to PSM performance.