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News - 23 Nov 2015
WRC-15 decisions should encourage investments into DTT 
As the WRC-15 enters into its fourth and final week, negotiations on the future use of the UHF band are yet to be concluded.
News - 23 Nov 2015
EBU debates remit of PSM online at European Audiovisual Observatory 
EBU's Head of Regulatory Legal Affairs, Richard Burnley, participated in a panel on remit at a public workshop organised by the European Audiovisual Observatory in Brussels on the remit and financing of...
Press release - 21 Nov 2015
Malta wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 
13-year-old Destiny Chukunyere, from Malta, has been named the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The event for talented young singers aged between 10 and 15 years old took place on Saturday 21 November in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Press release - 21 Nov 2015
World TV Day focusses on Younger Viewers 
Young audiences are the focus of this year’s celebration of World Television Day (21 November) – the United Nations led initiative backed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT) and egta, the Brussels based association of television and radio sales houses.
News - 20 Nov 2015
Junior Eurovision: Spotlight on Bulgaria 
As Bulgaria hosts the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the first time how do the people of host city Sofia feel about 16 other nations descending on their city for a week? What does hosting the Contest, now in its 13th year, mean to Bulgaria?
News - 19 Nov 2015
First 8 journalists graduate from GPB Academy with help from EBU 
Georgian Public Broadcaster’s training centre, the GPB Academy, has produced its first 8 graduates, taught entirely by the broadcaster's in-house trainers. The programme was set up with the aid of the...
News - 19 Nov 2015
Junior Eurovision: Creativity and Co-operation 
The 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC) taking place in Sofia on Saturday night ( 21 November) is a huge production bringing together staff from BNT (Bulgarian National Television) and an international team. Many have worked on the event before. Three of the key creatives told us what makes JESC a show that stands out from others.
News - 19 Nov 2015
Interview with Stephen Fry, Rose d'Or Lifetime Achievement honouree 
“We’ll solve the problems of the world more quickly, more ably with the assistance of healthy, flourishing public service broadcasting.” That’s the view of Stephen Fry, the recipient of this year’s Rose d’Or Lifetime Achievement Award.
Press release - 18 Nov 2015
EBU and Mobile Viewpoint join forces for live newsgathering and content delivery services 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Mobile Viewpoint have signed an agreement to deliver news and other content quickly and cost effectively to EBU Members and clients using IP technology.
News - 18 Nov 2015
Junior Eurovision: More than just a TV show 
The 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest airs in 17 countries this Saturday night (21 November) but it's more than just a television show. A team of volunteers from all over Europe are supporting the event providing content for social media and the show’s official website