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12 Oct 2017
Licence Fee: The changing picture across Europe 
The updated Licence Fee 2017 report published by the EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) illustrates the constant flux of this method of public service media (PSM) funding across Europe.
12 Oct 2017
EBU supports Bulgarian journalists in protests against political pressure 
The EBU supports Bulgarian journalists in their protest against political pressure and urges politicians to refrain from interference in journalists' work.
11 Oct 2017
MediaRoad Project Launch highlights digital transformation opportunities for media sector 
The EBU hosted the MediaRoad Project Launch this week in collaboration with the 6th edition of the VRT SandBox Creative Circle event, marking the the first step on a journey to reawaken a ‘start-up mentality’ and boost innovation in the media sector.
10 Oct 2017
Polish Radio hosts discussion on big data and PSM 
EBU Legal's Jenny Weinand was at the 2nd European Radio Forum organised by Polskie Radio on 6 October in Wrocław, Poland. Speaking alongside Mariusz Staniszewski (Board Member of Polskie Radio), Graham...
10 Oct 2017
Nordic EBU Members pledge enhanced drama collaboration 
The EBU's Nordic Members DR, NRK, RUV, SVT and YLE have decided on a new joint vision and strategy for more high-quality Nordic public service drama. The five Nordic public service broadcasters want to...
09 Oct 2017
Pioneering seminar to explore potential of AI and ML for cloud media services 
Cloud-based media services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These are three topics that figure strongly in discussions about the future of media technology and content creation. Next month, for the first time, the EBU will take the intersection of these three topics as the starting point for a seminar that promises to shed new light on the digital transformation landscape for public service media.
09 Oct 2017
Unique PSM Agile newsroom helps report world events through eyewitness media in real time 
55 journalists from 23 EBU Members are working together for three days (9 - 11 Oct) at ORF’s headquarters in Vienna to clear content from social platforms in a collaborative newsroom that aims to enhance...
06 Oct 2017
EBU highlights need for constructive dialogue with regulators 
EBU Director of Public Affairs & Communications Guillaume Klossa was one of the keynote speakers at an event to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Belgium organisation Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) this week.
03 Oct 2017
Science in spotlight at 9th News and Technology Seminar 
80 delegates from 21 organisations have gathered at CERN in Geneva for the 9th News & Technology Seminar. They were welcomed by Chair of the EBU News Committee Sarah Ward-Lilley, Jeff Dubin, the EBU's...
03 Oct 2017
EBU welcomes support for whistleblowers and investigative journalists from European Parliament 
The European Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee has asked for the adoption of EU standards which aim to better protect whistle-blowers and reporters dealing with sensitive information from these sources.