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News - 24 Apr 2018
100 Days to Go until first multi-sport European Championships 
Today (24 April) marks 100 days to go until sporting history is made through Glasgow and Berlin’s co-hosting of the first ever combined European Championships, from 2 to 12 August this summer.
Speech - 20 Apr 2018
Noel Curran Keynote to EBU Media Summit 2018 
Speech given by Noel Curran at the Media Summit 2018 - 20 April 2018 - Brussels
News - 18 Apr 2018
Merja Ylä-Anttila appointed CEO of Yle 
Merja Ylä-Anttila has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of our Finnish Member Oy Yleisradio Ab (YLE)
News - 16 Apr 2018
Legislative amendment threatens independence of Ukrainian public service broadcaster 
The EBU is highly concerned by a proposed amendment to the Ukrainian Law on Public Television and Radio which threatens the editorial independence of public service media.
News - 04 Apr 2018
Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė appointed CEO of LRT 
Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of Lithunanian National Radio and Television (LRT).
Press release - 03 Apr 2018
Vanessa O’Connor appointed Director of Member Relations & Communications at EBU 
Vanessa O’Connor has been appointed to the new role of Director of Member Relations and Communications at the EBU.
Press release - 03 Apr 2018
EBU and partners launch Journalism Trust Initiative to combat disinformation 
An innovative self-regulatory media initiative designed to combat disinformation online – called the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) – was launched today (3 April) in Paris by the European Broadcasting...
News - 03 Apr 2018
Doina Gradea appointed President Director General of TVR 
Doina Gradea has been appointed President Director General of Romanian Television (TVR).
News - 28 Mar 2018
EBU condemns attack on RTS cameraman 
The EBU and its community has strongly condemned an attack on journalists in Kosovska Mitrovica this week.
Press release - 26 Mar 2018
Marco Tinnirello appointed CEO of EMS 
Marco Tinnirello has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Eurovision Media Services (EMS), the business arm of the EBU.