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News - 30 Oct 2015
Mentor Shala re-elected as RTK Director General 
The Director General of Radio and Television of Kosovo (RTK), Mentor Shala, has been re-elected for another three-year term
Press release - 30 Oct 2015
EBU to defend spectrum rights in the interests of public service media at WRC-15 
On the eve of the United Nations World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC-15), European public service broadcasters have stressed that any final agreement should reflect the reality of how content is consumed.
Speech - 29 Oct 2015
2015 News Xchange Speech by Ursula von der Leyen, German Federal Minister of Defence 
Speech given Ursula von der Leyen, German Federal Minister of Defence at the News Xchange 2015
Speech - 29 Oct 2015
2015 News Xchange Speech by EBU Director of Media Jean Philip De Tender 
The EBU's Director of Media gave the opening speech at the 15th edition of News Xchange held in Berlin on 28 October. His address was entitled “Slow is the New Fast” and calls on journalists to take their time and explain the world better to their audiences.
News - 29 Oct 2015
News Xchange Keynote Speech by German Minister of Defence available on 
Germany's Federal Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen delivered a special keynote speech at the 2015 News Xchange in Berlin.
News - 29 Oct 2015
EBU fosters solidarity among Members and NTU 
EBU has coordinated a support package for Ukrainian Broadcaster NTU
News - 29 Oct 2015
EBU supports UNI-MEI resolution on future of the BBC 
The EBU has issued its support for the UNI-MEI emergency resolution to maintain the integrity, breadth, and the future of the BBC.
Legal case note - 29 Oct 2015
EU-US Safe Harbour Agreement no longer safe says EU Court 
The Court of Justice of the EU determined on 6 October 2015 that the data flows between the EU and the US can no longer take place by virtue of the Safe Harbour Agreement. Facebook user Max Schrems had...
Press release - 28 Oct 2015
Eurovision and AFP announce partnership 
Eurovision and AFP, via its subsidiary AFP-Services, have announced they are jointly developing a brand new news service called MyWorldReporter.
News - 28 Oct 2015
Media Director Jean Philip De Tender appears on Al Jazeera’s talk show 'Bela Hodod' 
The EBU’s Media Director Jean Philip de Tender has appeared on Al Jazeera’s talk show "Bela Hodod” (28 October), hosted by Egyptian journalist Ahmed Mansour. The show was broadcast live from the Berlin Convention Center - the location of this year’s News Xchange conference - which is a Eurovision event.