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Press release - 17 Sep 2013
Journey along WWI front line the road to winning TV formula 
One hundred years on, the battlefields of the First World War still evoke trepidation. Belgian director Arnout Hauben, the winner of this year’s Eurovision Creative Forum "7 Best Formats" for the historical roadshow 'At War'...
16 Sep 2013
Q&A: BBC's Graham Ellis on the future of public radio 
Graham Ellis, Deputy Director of BBC Radio, was elected chairman of the EBU Radio Committee in May, 2013. Three months into the job, ahead of the 56th Euroradio Committee Meeting, he reflects on the role of radio public service broadcasters and his priorities for the next two years.
16 Sep 2013
Euroradio Music Group members meet in Lugano 
The Euroradio Music Group met in Lugano on 12-13 September at the headquarters of EBU Member CHRSI
Press release - 13 Sep 2013
More backing for EBU ‘Euro-Chip’ initiative on broader radio access 
Representatives of leading European broadcasters have agreed to sign a European Broadcasting Union (EBU) initiative to improve access to radio by taking a hybrid digital approach, marketed as Euro-Chip.
Press release - 11 Sep 2013
Public service broadcasters recognize winning TV formats 
Creative excellence was rewarded last night (10 September) when senior TV executives from public service media (PSM) voted for the 7 Best Formats at the seventh Eurovision Creative Forum in Berlin.
10 Sep 2013
TV broadcasters to pitch for new development funding support 
A special funding arrangement to support the development of new TV formats is to be made available to the EBU broadcasting community.
10 Sep 2013
Exploring new ways of engaging young voters 
In the lead up to the European elections in May 2014, public broadcasters will target a younger generation of public service TV viewers who believe "life is happening somewhere else". During an afternoon session of the annual Eurovision TV Meetings, which opened in Berlin on 9 September...
10 Sep 2013
Scripted formats are 'The Bridge' to American TV market 
With an exclusive previewing of the second series of the cult Scandinavian crime series The Bridge (SVT Sweden/DR Denmark) on the opening day of the annual Eurovision TV Meetings, Head of Eurovision TV Bettina Brinkmann drew attention to the success of scripted formats in tapping into the American market.
Press release - 09 Sep 2013
EBU & A.S.O. extend cycling partnership to 2019 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) are pleased to announce a new agreement setting out the conditions for broadcasting A.S.O. cycling events for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.
News - 06 Sep 2013
Berlin set to switch on Eurovision TV Meetings 
More than 350 television executives from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) community will gather in Berlin next week (9 - 11 September) to pitch programme ideas, share best practices and recognise industry achievement as part of the annual Eurovision TV Meetings.