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News - 27 Nov 2019
The Eurovision News Exchange Social Newswire: The EBU's first line of defence in breaking news 
In the era of post-truth and information disorder, the news industry finds itself in a transformative state.  With hundreds of hours of video uploaded to social platforms every minute, eyewitness media...
Press release - 24 Nov 2019
Poland wins 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest  
12-year-old Viki Gabor representing Poland has won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019, giving her country its 2nd win in a row on home soil. Viki stunned audiences at home and inside Poland’s Arena...
Press release - 18 Nov 2019
EBU News Report 2019 urges Public Service Media to work together to face challenge of platforms 
A brand-new report, commissioned by the EBU, suggests that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in newsrooms will bring new opportunities – and greater challenges - for public service media.
Speech - 18 Nov 2019
Special Address – 14th News Assembly 
Outgoing Head of News and Events, Jeff Dubin, addresses delegates at the 14th News Assembly, Paris
Press release - 13 Nov 2019
41 countries will “Open Up” at 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has confirmed that public broadcasters from 41 countries will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s biggest live music event, in Rotterdam next year....
Press release - 12 Nov 2019
Eurovision Sport secures rights for European Championships 2022 
Eurovision Sport has secured all deals with participating federations, and European Championships Management (ECM), for the multi-sport European Championships in 2022.
Blog - 01 Nov 2019
Swedish Radio DG Cilla Benkö calls for harsher punishments for crimes against journalists 
The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists on November 2 brings to the public’s attention crimes against journalists all over the world.
News - 24 Oct 2019
84% of general sports fans are interested in women’s sport, now it's time to step up the game 
Statistics, provided by Nielsen, show that 66% of the population are interested in at least one women’s sport, and that 84% of general sports fans are interested in women’s sports. There is also currently a 37% growth in the annual number of women’s sport sponsorship deals being announced.
News - 17 Oct 2019
Radio's Super Weekend 
Radio’s incredible diversity of genres, with something to appeal to everyone, was on full display from 11 to 13 October.
Press release - 16 Oct 2019
EBU hosts first 5G-MAG General Assembly 
The 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) has elected its first Steering Group and Chair at the association's first General Assembly in Geneva