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27 Jul 2017
EBU publishes new report on Virtual Reality use among Members 
The EBU’s Technology and Innovation and Media departments have joined forces to publish a brand new report on the uses of Virtual Reality amongst its Members. “Virtual Reality: How are public broadcasters...
26 Jul 2017
Online verification network gets new name following expansion 
The EBU’s User Generated Content Verification Network (UGCVN) has been renamed Eurovision Social Newswire to reflect its success and its expansion to material for online use. After originally having focused...
25 Jul 2017
Lisbon to host Portugal’s first Eurovision Song Contest 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) has today revealed that the city chosen to host the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 will be the country’s capital and...
22 Jul 2017
Slovenia's Carmen Manet wins first Eurovision Choir of the Year 
Carmen Manet from Slovenia has won the inaugural Eurovision Choir of the Year competition held in Riga, Latvia on Saturday 22 July. Watch their winning performance here and the full show here. The first...
20 Jul 2017
Masterclass on Scheduling held in Albania 
A third Scheduling Workshop, facilitated by the EBU's Partnership Programme, has been held with Albanian Member RTSH.
19 Jul 2017
38th Euroradio Folk Festival begins in Český Krumlov 
Kanteles, fiddles, accordions, balalaikas, throat singing, yodeling: just some of the sounds that can be heard at the 38th annual Euroradio Folk Festival (19 – 22 July), where bands and artists redefine...
19 Jul 2017
Europe’s best choirs bid to become first Eurovision Choir of The Year 
Nine choirs from nine different European countries will compete this Saturday (22 July) in Riga, Latvia to be crowned the very first “Eurovision Choir of the Year”. This brand new competition from the...
14 Jul 2017
Ibrahim Eren elected Director General of TRT 
Ibrahim Eren has been elected Director General of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).
14 Jul 2017
EU Conference concludes that free media is a prerequisite to democracy 
An EU Forum in Sarajevo has concluded that 'freedom of expression and free media are prerequisites for establishing solid democracies and allowing a vibrant civil society to develop'.
13 Jul 2017
PSM critical to improving trust in media 
Public service media (PSM) has a critical role to play in maintaining society’s trust in media, the Head of the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service Roberto Suárez has told an EU meeting in Brussels.