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24 Jul 2012
AES audio metadata standard incorporates EBU R 128 
A new version of AES41 includes specifications for the carriage of metadata related to the EBU Loudness Recommendation R 128.
News - 20 Jul 2012
New acting Director General of the HRT 
Mr Domagoj Novokmet is the new acting Director General of HRT as of 9th July 2012.  Mr Novokmet (35) is a journalist who started working as an HRT host and journalist in 1994. He was screenplay writer...
News - 19 Jul 2012
New management takes the helm at RAI 
The new management team at RAI was finally completed by the evening of 17 July and has now started work. The recruitment procedure, which took over a month, appointed a new president, Anna Maria Tarantola...
17 Jul 2012
EBU collaborates on successful DAB SFN master's thesis 
A Lausanne-based student has collaborated with EPFL, the EBU and CRC to develop an SFN mode for CRC's mmbTools software-defined radio platform.
13 Jul 2012
Finding the freedom to innovate 
EBU Members participated in this year's Libre Software Meeting, an international conference and exhibition that took place this week in Geneva.
Press release - 13 Jul 2012
EBU appoints Heads of TV, Radio and Strategy for Media Department 
The new Heads of TV, Radio and Strategy will complete the managerial team of the Media department. The EBU Media Department consolidates the activities of TV, Radio, News and Training. The department is headed by Annika Nyberg Frankenhaeuser who took up her position in February this year.
News - 09 Jul 2012
BBC announces new Director General for autumn 
The BBC recently announced that George Entwistle, head of television operations, would take over as director general in the autumn, succeeding Mark Thompson. Mr. Entwistle has worked at the BBC since he...
News - 09 Jul 2012
New RTVE president makes first new appointments 
Leopoldo González-Echenique, state attorney, appointed on June 30 by the Parliament as the new president of RTVE, is making the first changes in the current structure of the Spanish public service broadcaster.
News - 09 Jul 2012
Changes to top management in Romanian public service broadcasters 
Romanian public service radio and TV recently changed PDGs: Mr Ovidiu Miculescu is the new President Director General of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation and Mr Claudiu Saftoiu is to head Romanian's public television TVR.
News - 06 Jul 2012
Night of nights for Spanish EBU Member TVE 
Spanish European Broadcasting Union member – Corporación de Radio y Televisión Espanola (TVE) scooped five awards at the annual TV Academy Awards. The network news service was recognized for its outstanding...