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26 Oct 2012
Berlin premiere of "the Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra" 
Was it Jazz or Classical, World or Folk Music? It was an unusual combination of a string orchestra and a jazz band which Polish composer  and saxophonist Grzech Piotrowski brought together performing "EuropeSymphonies"...
26 Oct 2012
SMPTE honours David Wood 
Recently retired from the EBU, David Wood received the 2012 SMPTE Progress Medal at the organization's annual technical conference last night.
26 Oct 2012
Making CDNs work for broadcasters 
Both business and technical aspects of Content Delivery Networks were explored at a well-attended EBU workshop in Geneva yesterday.
25 Oct 2012
Variable picture rate – a new idea for TV and movies 
A novel idea that would give more artistic freedom while minimizing transmission bit rates is being discussed at the SMPTE conference this week.
23 Oct 2012
PSM governance: management's "key role" 
Governance rules driving public service media (PSM) must be backed by "a strong internal culture led by senior management," delegates to the EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly in Geneva (18-19 October)...
23 Oct 2012
From Africa to Vinyl - Impressions of World Music Workshop in Greece 
A festival in the African desert, Afghan musicians performing in Germany, old vinyls turning multimedia: the 27th EBU World Music Workshop (WMW) in Thessaloniki, Greece, offered a broad variety of world...
23 Oct 2012
Special Assistance Project: EBU on the ground supporting Tunisian Member for election 
The EBU and Tunisia TV successfully deployed a broadcast network across Tunisia Friday (October 21) to ensure the whole population could follow electoral developments in all constituencies during the first...
22 Oct 2012
New File Exchange Platform IPOP unveiled 
Following the period of consultations and analysis of requirements since the start of the Transition to File project in September 2010, the Members saw the unveiling of the File Exchange Platform IPOP...
Press release - 22 Oct 2012
EBU Deplores Middle East Satellite Jamming 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has described recent interruptions to news delivered by satellite into parts of the Middle East as “an attack on media independence.” The targeted jamming cut off...
22 Oct 2012
FIMS 1.0 jointly published by EBU and AMWA 
The FIMS 1.0 specification is now available for download, representing an important advance for the implementation of IT-based broadcast production systems.