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News - 31 Dec 2015
EBU appeals to Polish president to reject controversial media bill 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has written to the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Andrzej Duda, and to Members of the Polish Senate expressing its dismay at the bill introduced yesterday...
News - 30 Dec 2015
Press Freedom and Media Organisations issue statement opposing abolition of essential safeguards for public service media pluralism and independence in Poland 
The undersigned press freedom and media organisations - European Broadcasting Union (EBU), European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and Association of European Journalists (AEJ) - are outraged by the proposed bill, hastily introduced by the majority party in Poland yesterday (29 December) for immediate adoption, without any consultation, abolishing the existing safeguards for pluralism and independent of public service media in Poland .
Press release - 18 Dec 2015
EBU urges Polish government to ensure independence of public broadcasting system 
The EBU expresses its concerns regarding the independence of public service media in Poland in an open letter to the Prime Minister.
Press release - 16 Dec 2015
EBU relieved to see clear exemption for journalism in EU Trade Secrets Directive 
The EBU welcomes the provisional agreement between EU legislators on the EU Trade Secrets Directive. The decision spells good news for freedom of the media thanks to the approval of a clear exemption for journalism in the Directive.
News - 15 Dec 2015
New MIS report supports licence fee as a means of public service media funding 
EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published its annual report on public service media (PSM) funding together with a new study underlining the importance of licence fee funding in relation to PSM performance.
Press release - 09 Dec 2015
Satellite and cable licensing solutions: the key to enhancing cross-border access to online TV and radio content 
The European Commission has unveiled an action plan for copyright reform alongside a regulatory proposal on the portability of legally-obtained content.
News - 08 Dec 2015
MIS report on PSM Contribution to Society now available 
The EBU Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published a framework for assessing public service media’s contribution to society. This report is part of a major ongoing project led by the MIS team.
News - 04 Dec 2015
EBU urges regulators to ensure general public's access to major sporting events 
The 75th General Assembly of the EBU has adopted a Declaration on the importance of sports' programmes for Public Service Media's audiences.
News - 04 Dec 2015
EBU General Assembly compels EU to safeguard right to information 
The 75th General Assembly of the EBU solemnly calls the EU Institutions to modify the draft Trade Secrets Directive
News - 04 Dec 2015
EBU General Assembly celebrates UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity 
The EBU has adopted a Declaration to mark the 10th anniversay of the UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity