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News - 16 Apr 2019
Spring has sprung: European folksongs now available for downloading 
Just in time for the start of spring and the Easter season, Euroradio brings you music from all over Europe for the 2019 edition of its Spring and Easter Folk Project.
News - 12 Apr 2019
A bouquet of sacred works for Euroradio Holy Week Music Day 
The Gospel accounts of Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, interrogation by Pontius Pilate and crucifixion are among the most dramatic events in the entire Bible.
Speech - 01 Apr 2019
Noel Curran: Radio Days Europe Speech 
Declining trust in media – what can we do?
News - 20 Mar 2019
EBU joins calls for a UN Convention to protect journalists 
The EBU has joined calls for the United Nations to tackle impunity for crimes against journalists by adopting a new Convention on their safety and protection.
News - 18 Mar 2019
Young classical stars profiled by Euroradio music exchange 
Every year since 1995, the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO) has nominated a group of exceptional artists as its Rising Stars, who receive professional development support and present an engaging...
News - 15 Mar 2019
EBU welcomes European Parliament call to end harassment of BBC Persian journalists 
The EBU has welcomed the historic vote of the European Parliament which calls for an end to the harassment and persecution of BBC Persian journalists and their families. On March 14 the European Parliament...
News - 13 Mar 2019
Turkey reverses decision, renews media accreditation for ZDF correspondent Jörg Brase 
Jörg Brase, head of the ZDF studio in Istanbul, has been notified by Turkish authorities that his media accreditation will be renewed, following Turkey’s initial refusal to do so without citing any reasons. He left Turkey on Sunday 10 March after being given 10 days to leave the country.
News - 11 Mar 2019
ZDF correspondent expelled from Turkey 
The head of ZDF’s Istanbul studio, Jörg Brase, has left Turkey after the country declined, without justification, to renew his media accreditation.
Blog - 08 Mar 2019
Balance for Better 
International Women’s Day has been marked throughout the world for over 100 years. The battle for gender equality has made huge strides in the intervening years, particularly when we consider the level of opposition that it has experienced.
Blog - 08 Mar 2019
“It’s not a question of fairness, it’s a question of quality" 
In connection with International Women’s Day today, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has published a new report on gender equality within the EBU’s member organisations. The report is based on a survey conducted at 76 television and radio broadcasters in 56 countries and shows that the balance between men and women has improved in recent years.