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News - 12 Dec 2014
EBU begins search for next Media Director 
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is currently recruiting a Media Director. The Media Department facilitates the creation and exchange of quality programming and provides a centre for learning and sharing.
News - 04 Dec 2014
New EBU Funding Report highlights ‘deepening decline in PSM income’ 
Total income for public service media (PSM) across the EBU community dipped by 1.9% in 2013, intensifying a disturbing trend that has seen total PSM income fall by 8.7% in real value over 5 years.
News - 17 Nov 2014
News Xchange: Winning young audiences with online news 
Media professionals attending the final day of the 2014 News Xchange in Prague (14 November) were urged to take their news online in their quest to win young audiences.
News - 14 Nov 2014
Media Intelligence report offers overview of current OTT landscape in Europe 
The EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published a report addressing the increasing complexity of the video-on-demand (VOD) sector of the European audiovisual market, with a particular focus on...
News - 10 Oct 2014
EBU Knowledge Exchange develops the bigger picture on reaching young audiences 
This year’s EBU Knowledge Exchange, organized by the Media Intelligence Service and hosted by Stockholm University, brought together 137 media experts from 23 countries, including 66 participants from 27 EBU Member organizations. They were joined by other media professionals and academic researchers from across Europe.
News - 04 Sep 2014
Asia's Public Service Media embrace EBU ‘Vision2020’ roadmap for the future 
An EBU-led investigation into the future of public service media (PSM) in Europe has prompted Asian academics and broadcasters attending a conference sponsored by associate member and Japanese broadcaster NHK to pre-empt changes to their own media landscape.
News - 01 Sep 2014
EBU's Media Intelligence Service publishes report into EU Telecom/Pay TV crossover 
The EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published a report in response to growing concern about the possible consequences of recent moves by telecom operators into pay-TV markets across the EU.