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News - 28 Mar 2017
Collaboration, trust and change: 2nd EBU Big Data Conference focuses on distinctive approach for PSM 
140 delegates from public service media (PSM) and the audiovisual sector at large met in Geneva to focus on how data can help meet evolving user expectations and underpin social cohesion.
News - 21 Nov 2016
EBU sets out recommendations for media freedom and pluralism at EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 
EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot addressed the key contribution public service media makes to media freedom and pluralism at the 2016 Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights
News - 04 Oct 2016
Big Data: a tool for journalists to fight stereotypes and prejudice? 
This year’s Prix Italia Festival looked into how Big Data is changing storytelling in the media. EBU Big Data Initiative leader Guillaume Klossa was on hand to moderate a panel featuring leading data journalists and researchers discussing how big data can offer new insights into current affairs.
News - 29 Sep 2016
EBU Big Data Initiative Workshop highlights how recommendation systems can support values of PSM 
Using algorithms to enable audiences to expand their horizons and discover new content has emerged as a key theme for the EBU Big Data Initiative.
News - 28 Jul 2016
Big Data Initiative: striking the right balance for public service algorithms 
The RTBF’s big data expert Pierre Nicolas Schwab invites EBU Big Data Initiative participants to join a workshop addressing algorithms and PSM values this December in Brussels.
News - 17 Jun 2016
Big Data and Algorithms: Friend or Foe? 
Jonathan Stray, a computer scientist specialising in data driven investigations, has addressed delegates at the EBU’s General Assembly in Montenegro (17 June) on the importance of big data and algorithms to the future impact of public service media.
News - 14 Jun 2016
Big Data with small firms: lessons learned from working with startups 
RTBF's Pierre Nicolas Schwab gives some tips on how work with start-up companies can enhance the deployment of big data strategies by PSM.
News - 24 Mar 2016
EBU big data conference shows importance of data for PSM strategies 
The first EBU conference on big data highlighted the opportunities for public service media (PSM) organizations to strengthen trust and personalize their relationship with audiences.
News - 12 Aug 2015
EBU Member tool to measure transparency goes online 
The EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has created a framework to help public service media (PSM) measure organizational transparency and build a more trusting relationship with audiences.