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04 Aug 2017
ORF Staff Showcase Their Contribution to Society 
Staff at Austrian Member ORF have been reflecting on their own work and how it creates public value in a new report for the broadcaster.
13 Jul 2017
PSM critical to improving trust in media 
Public service media (PSM) has a critical role to play in maintaining society’s trust in media, the Head of the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service Roberto Suárez has told an EU meeting in Brussels.
23 May 2017
Trust gap between traditional and new media widening across Europe 
Levels of trust in traditional media are increasing across Europe as people question the veracity of what they see and read online. Public trust in traditional media (broadcast media and the press) increased in the last year as trust in the internet and social networks continued to fall.
03 May 2017
PSM are leading investors in European content 
Together, public service media (PSM) are the largest investors in European audiovisual content, spending EUR 18.2 billion per year.
04 Apr 2017
Female leadership in PSM six times higher than in private companies 
New EBU research reveals that 22% of Member organizations are led by female Director Generals, a proportion six times higher than for the biggest European private companies*.
28 Mar 2017
Collaboration, trust and change: 2nd EBU Big Data Conference focuses on distinctive approach for PSM 
140 delegates from public service media (PSM) and the audiovisual sector at large met in Geneva to focus on how data can help meet evolving user expectations and underpin social cohesion.
08 Dec 2016
PSM under pressure to do more with less 
Public service media (PSM) are under increasing pressure to deliver more services despite diminishing resources.
21 Nov 2016
EBU sets out recommendations for media freedom and pluralism at EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 
EBU President Jean-Paul Philippot addressed the key contribution public service media makes to media freedom and pluralism at the 2016 Annual Colloquium on Fundamental Rights
03 Nov 2016
Access Services plenary explores growth of services and challenges 
More than 55 experts from 17 EBU Members came together for the annual Access Services plenary meeting in Berlin on 2 November. The event was hosted by RBB/ARD at the invitation of the Eurovision Access...
13 Oct 2016
Licence Fee still the core of public service media funding in Europe 
Despite challenges to its legitimacy, the licence fee still provides two thirds of all EBU public service media (PSM) income and remains the bedrock of PSM funding across the continent.