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News - 15 Dec 2015
New MIS report supports licence fee as a means of public service media funding 
EBU’s Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published its annual report on public service media (PSM) funding together with a new study underlining the importance of licence fee funding in relation to PSM performance.
News - 14 Dec 2015
Eurovision proud to support the Rory Peck Trust for freelance journalists 
Eurovision is rightly proud of being associated with the Rory Peck Trust, the only organization dedicated to the support, safety and welfare of freelance newsgatherers around the world.
News - 08 Dec 2015
MIS report on PSM Contribution to Society now available 
The EBU Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published a framework for assessing public service media’s contribution to society. This report is part of a major ongoing project led by the MIS team.
News - 01 Dec 2015
MIS publishes database of documents defining PSM remits within EBU area 
The EBU Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published a detailed compilation of the documents that define the remit of public service media (PSM) across EBU members.
News - 05 Nov 2015
Head of MIS delivers keynote speech on Media Transformation Trends at 2015 European Radio and Television Conference 
The Head of the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service, Dr Roberto Suárez Candel, has delivered the opening keynote at the 2015 European Radio and Television Conference in Venice, Italy.
News - 02 Nov 2015
Record numbers join the News Xchange conversation in Berlin 
For the second year in a row, a record number of participants from the world's top news agencies gathered at News Xchange. More than 520 delegates attended the sold out event in Berlin (28 - 30 October), which was organized in partnership with host-broadcaster ZDF.
Speech - 29 Oct 2015
2015 News Xchange Speech by Ursula von der Leyen, German Federal Minister of Defence 
Speech given Ursula von der Leyen, German Federal Minister of Defence at the News Xchange 2015
Speech - 29 Oct 2015
2015 News Xchange Speech by EBU Director of Media Jean Philip De Tender 
The EBU's Director of Media gave the opening speech at the 15th edition of News Xchange held in Berlin on 28 October. His address was entitled “Slow is the New Fast” and calls on journalists to take their time and explain the world better to their audiences.
News - 29 Oct 2015
News Xchange Keynote Speech by German Minister of Defence available on 
Germany's Federal Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen delivered a special keynote speech at the 2015 News Xchange in Berlin.
Press release - 28 Oct 2015
Eurovision and AFP announce partnership 
Eurovision and AFP, via its subsidiary AFP-Services, have announced they are jointly developing a brand new news service called MyWorldReporter.