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Press release - 27 Dec 2012
Eurovision and Euroradio to bring New Year’s Concert to the World 
On 1 January 2013 more than 40 EBU Members will be able to broadcast the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra New Year’s Concert
24 Dec 2012
UN endorses World Radio Day, supported by EBU 
13 February is the day proclaimed by UNESCO and now endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate radio as a strong, vital and necessary medium for society. This World Radio Day aims to...
17 Dec 2012
Greetings from Down Under 
That's what you call a nice Christmas present for and from the EBU Eurosonic partnership.
News - 14 Dec 2012
Jingle Bells and a lot more 
Christmas and New Year’s customs in Europe are spectacular and different, only some of them starting with the typical sounds of bells clinging to a sledge then Jingle Bells tune opens up a wide sound feeling of winter, snow and big-eyed children, expecting lovely gifts under the Christmas tree. The EBU Folk Music Christmas Project has collected this year examples from 27 countries.
14 Dec 2012
Countdown to Eurosonic Festival 2013 
British chart topper Jake Bugg and French electro-funk band Skip The Use will be among the 26 European Broadcasting Union acts to rock January’s Eurosonic Festival
News - 06 Dec 2012
Radio in a new dimension 
Case study Digital radio is not a pure technology, it´s an editorial product. The added value compared to analogue radio is the availability of accompanying data services, be it text, visuals or hybrid connections to the broadband world. Sebastian Kett from SWR, Germany, explains the focus on the needs of the listeners.
28 Nov 2012
Literature on the radio 
For the third year in a row, Romanian Radio and its Gaudeamus Book Fair in Bucharest hosted a Seminar devoted to literature on the radio on Thursday, 22 November 2012.
23 Nov 2012
Radio: vibrant, dynamic and innovative 
Every two years, the EBU Radio Music Seminar brings together participants in Radio Music Operations to exchange the latest information.
19 Nov 2012
Don't ignore the decision makers of tomorrow! 
EBU Workshop on Children's Programming - What sort of program, what types of drama do reach the very young radio listeners best? Experts in children's programming discussed this issue in Bratislava at the occasion of the 2012 Prix Ex-Aequo, the international festival and competition of radio drama productions aimed at children and young people, organized by Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS).
News - 19 Nov 2012
Young Performers of Folk Music 
Successful Bulgarian song competition - At the beginning of each year, it has been a tradition for BNR to invite young performers of Bulgarian folk music. For 12 years now the Early on Sunday program on Channel Horizont has been compiling and broadcasting performances of children aged between 3 and 18 years and has been making a radio chart according to the number of listeners’ votes.