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21 Dec 2012
Disney and BBC to keynote PTS 2013 
Howard Lukk and Richard Smith will be the keynote speakers for January's EBU Project Technology Seminar, setting the tone for this key annual event.
21 Dec 2012
Why High Frame Rates are hot 
With Peter Jackson's The Hobbit generating lots of interest in High Frame Rates, a new EBU video explains how they help to deliver a better viewing experience.
21 Dec 2012
39 countries to take part in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest 
Thirty-nine public broadcasters have confirmed their participation in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Malmö, Sweden, on 14, 16 and 18 May.
20 Dec 2012
Great strides for Hybrid TV but regulatory challenges remain 
EBU representatives participated in this week's Hybrid TV symposium in Paris, where delegates heard about the challenges and opportunities for these new services.
19 Dec 2012
Bringing EBU subtitles to the Timed Text era 
A new guide will help broadcasters to convert the huge number of STL files in the archives to the modern new EBU-TT format.
17 Dec 2012
EBU leads on LED light tests 
The EBU project group on LED lights has produced a recommendation that will help broadcasters to address a potentially expensive problem.
13 Dec 2012
Court urged to show red card in free-to-air football case 
Europe’s public service media today welcomed news that World Cup and EURO matches look set to stay free-to-air after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) was advised to reject a FIFA and UEFA attempt to...
12 Dec 2012
DigiTAG takes up the global fight for terrestrial broadcasting 
At it's General Assembly hosted by the EBU today, DigiTAG announced a renewed mission and a global scope for its activities in future.
News - 12 Dec 2012
Balkan workshop lays groundwork for stronger PSM 
The EBU today launched a comprehensive action plan to strengthen its Members from the seven so-called 'Enlargement' countries preparing to join the European Union (EU).
11 Dec 2012
PLOUD made LUFS in Vienna 
A well-attended EBU PLOUD meeting in Austria considered Loudness normalization for radio and some problems that have arisen in TV implementation.