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News - 29 Nov 2016
11th News Assembly explores changing face of journalism 
The 11th Eurovision News Assembly, held in Copenhagen, wrapped up on Tuesday (29 November) after exploring the state of journalism, digital transformation and, in a “post-fact age” the challenges public service media (PSM) faces in reaching and representing all audiences.
News - 21 Nov 2016
EBU presents ‘Generation What’ to European ministers of Culture and Education 
The EBU was invited to present the preliminary results of its landmark ‘Generation What’ project to the EU Council on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport.
Press release - 16 Nov 2016
Generation What finds Europe's youth optimistic about future 
Initial findings from the EBU’s landmark Generation What Europe project have revealed that despite a sluggish economy, Brexit and the refugee crisis, most 18-34 year olds across Europe have a fundamentally positive outlook on life, the future and European politics. These preliminary results will be presented to the EU Council on Education, Youth, Culture and Sport on Monday 21 November in Brussels.
News - 24 Oct 2016
EBU explores Members work on Virtual and Augmented Reality in London 
EBU Members’ 360 and Virtual Reality (VR) work was showcased at the largest VR and Augmented Reality (AR) event in Europe in London on 19-20 October.
News - 13 Oct 2016
New Radio Day explores ways to enhance live listening 
“Building on success – Enhancing the live radio experience”, is the theme of this year’s New Radio Day hosted by RTVE in Madrid on 13/14 October.
News - 10 Oct 2016
Generation What presented to EU Culture DGs in Slovakia 
The EBU’s landmark Generation What project has been presented to the Directors General of Youth from 27 EU Secretaries of State for Culture and Education at a meeting in Kosice, Slovakia on 6 – 7 October.
News - 04 Oct 2016
Big Data: a tool for journalists to fight stereotypes and prejudice? 
This year’s Prix Italia Festival looked into how Big Data is changing storytelling in the media. EBU Big Data Initiative leader Guillaume Klossa was on hand to moderate a panel featuring leading data journalists and researchers discussing how big data can offer new insights into current affairs.
News - 29 Sep 2016
EBU Big Data Initiative Workshop highlights how recommendation systems can support values of PSM 
Using algorithms to enable audiences to expand their horizons and discover new content has emerged as a key theme for the EBU Big Data Initiative.
News - 13 Sep 2016
EBU partner with VR & AR World to showcase new developments 
The EBU is partnering with VR & AR World to showcase exciting developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality
Press release - 13 Sep 2016
John Cleese picks up Lifetime Achievement as 55th Rose d’Ors celebrate world’s best entertainment shows 
The best in TV, radio and online entertainment has been honoured at the 55th Rose d’Or Awards in Berlin. Programmes from Sweden, Ireland and the United Kingdom were awarded trophies in 11 categories including for the first time in 2016, Drama and Audio Stories. Among the winners were the BBC's River which won Best TV Drama and SVT's Eurovision Song Contest 2016 which took home the prize for Best TV Entertainment. The full list of winners is below.