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Radio Innovation Fund

The EBU Radio Innovation Fund replaces the Radio Development Fund, set up in 2001 to allow the EBU's Radio Committee a degree of flexibility in encouraging, supporting and benchmarking new programme initiatives outside of the normal budgetary process.

Given the current fast-moving media environment, where the ability to innovate is more important than ever before, the EBU wishes to support its Members not only in serving their audiences, but also in sharing learning among broadcasters.

There are no deadlines as such. Proposals will be considered by the Radio Committee at the next available opportunity. The funds available are specifically geared towards stimulating innovation. The Committee is seeking ambitious and game-changing projects that can be shared with other Members, with long-term benefits. WIll people still be talking about your project in five or ten years' time? Since many ideas can best be produced by a close team working together every day, the Development Fund's previous obligation for organizations to collaborate on a project no longer applies. Nonetheless, the focus is still on sharing the best and innovative practices.

You can download the Rules and Application Form in PDF and Word format.





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