Euroradio Holy Week Music Day

Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, one of the venues of the 2021 Holy Week Music Day (photo:

Across European musical traditions, the period of Holy Week has given rise to some of the most important musical works in the history of the art form, seeking to encapsulate in music the dramatic events of Christ's Passion. It embraces not only classical music, but also ancient chant traditions and folk music.  

The annual Euroradio Holy Week Music series celebrates this extraordinary tradition, bringing together music from a wide range of EBU radio organizations. 

All the available details of the concerts in the 2021 Holy Week Music Series, which has as its centre Palm Sunday, falling on 28 March this year, can be found in EURO/2020-2021/H/001-008.

This series has a modular form:

  • The live concert from the Royal Concertgebouw will be broadcast over the EBU ROIP network and the recording then made available in MUS the following day.
  • The seven other ready-for-broadcast concerts will be made available directly via MUS as soon as possible after their delivery to the EBU.

This structure is designed to allow ordering stations to plan their own combinations and sequences of concerts for Palm Sunday, or later during Holy Week, or indeed at another time of their choosing.
Members are warmly invited to place their orders for this curated selection, which promises to provide many hours of excellent music.



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