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Euroradio Jazz Competition

Jazz in Marciac, venue of the 2018 Euroradio Jazz Competition

Winners of 2018 Euroradio Jazz Competition (EJC) announced

At the 2018 EJC, held on the afternoon of 31 July in Marciac, in southwestern France, as part of the prestigious Jazz in Marciac Festival in partnership with Radio France/France Musique, the top prizes went to Max Zenger Globus from Finland for Best Ensemble (pictured) and to the same group's Mikael Myrskog, piano and keyboards, for Best Soloist. The artists were proposed by YLE and producer Markus Partanen.

The winners were announced at an award ceremony the same evening after deliberations by an international jury made up of EBU, Radio France/France Musique and Jazz in Marciac representatives and well-known jazz musicians: Hugo Sekoranja, Chair (Slovenia), François Jeanneau (France), Heather McDougall (United States), Fimmer Engel (Denmark) and Josep Cardona (Spain). The other finalists were the Lisa Wulff Quartet (proposed by DENDR),  P4CTET (proposed by FRSRF/France Musique) and the Schime Trio + Two (proposed by RSRTS/Belgrade). Recorded by France Musique, the Finals will be available as a Members Selection offer.

Finally, a big hand for the Jazz in Marciac Festival and to France Musique and Alex Dutilh for their huge contribution!






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