Euroradio Season

Puccini's "La Bohème" at the Metropolitan Opera of New York, one of the many Euroradio Season events

The Euroradio Season is made up of a number of series of predominantly live concerts and operas produced by Members, Associates and Approved Participants, broadcast each year from mid-September to mid-June. The objective is to offer the highest quality music events from across the EBU membership.

The Season contains the following series:

- Euroradio Premium Concerts: headline events in the musical season of a given hall or city, broadcast live, whenever possible, on Friday evenings. High-quality concerts on other evenings are also allotted a satellite slot, if at all feasible, to give Members access to additional outstanding live events.
- Euroradio Operas: this includes world-class operas offered by Members as well as selected works from the seasons of the Vienna State Opera and Royal Opera House at Covent Garden and a series from opera houses in Italy. The main satellite slot is on Saturday evenings, but high-quality operas on other evenings are also allotted a satellite slot, when possible, to give Members access to additional outstanding live events.
- Metropolitan Opera Season: live relay of the Met's Saturday matinees from Lincoln Center in New York, from December to May.
- Euroradio Jazz Concerts: top jazz programmes, broadcast live, as far as possible, on the last Friday of each month from September to May.
- Euroradio Competitions: finals and gala performances of high-profile classical music competitions broadcast live at intervals throughout the Season.
- Euroradio One-day Events: these are the two traditional Christmas Music and Holy Week Music "special days" of around a dozen concerts each, the Ars Acustica programmes for Art's Birthday broadcast on or close to 17 January, and the Jazz Day, officially on 30 April.

Along with the Euroradio Summer Festivals, the Euroradio Season represents one of two elements in the Euroradio Package, available to Members through a flat-rate annual fee. Members who opt for the Package are free to broadcast any or all of the concerts and operas featuring in the two groups.




Year of production
Every year

Every June

Proposed by
Euroradio Classical Music Group

In development with the support of
Euroradio Users' Group

Participating Broadcasters
Euroradio Members, Associates and Approved Participants