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Euroradio World Music Workshop

Launched in 1985, the annual EBU World Music Workshop (WMW) highlights the importance of this fast-growing genre by offering Euroradio Members the opportunity to exchange multicultural music, experiences and projects. The WMW is always held in conjunction with the Womex, the internationally famous fair dedicated to World and Roots Music.

As part of the WMW, a unique partnership is put in place each year among EBU Members at the Womex venue, with a studio for live broadcasts, sessions and interviews. Many of the Womex concerts are recorded and offered on the Euroradio network.

Euroradio also supports the invaluable World Music Charts for Europe (WMCE), as well as a World Music act for the annual live broadcast of the Prix Italia award ceremony.

The 2017 WMW was held on 25 October during the Womex at the Silesian Museum in Katowice (Poland) and featured, among others, presentations on Polish music and music in Africa. 



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Euroradio World Music Group

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