Prix Ex Aequo

The Prix Ex Aequo is an international children's and youth radio drama festival organized every two years by Radio and Television Slovakia in cooperation with the EBU.

The aims of the Prix Ex Aequo Festival are to promote:

  • the creation of radio drama works for children and youth
  • the international exchange of radio drama works for children and youth (productions, texts, artists)
  • the international exchange of theoretical and technical expertise in the creation of radio drama works for children and youth. 

At the 12th and most recent edition of the Prix Ex Aequo, after listening to and evaluating 26 entries from 17 countries,  the international jury awarded the following prizes:

Prix Ex Aequo for best radio fairy tale for children: Good Servant, Bad Master
Author: Naďa Uličná-Jurkemik, Director: Milena Lukáčová
Produced by RTVS – Radio and Television Slovakia, Slovakia

“Good Servant, Bad Master” is an old story told in a new way. Prince Johan is rather more lazy than brave, but as his story progresses, it opens up several important questions about the meaning of life. It reveals that through friendship and an open heart, we can solve our problems. It is an imaginative radio programme full of colour that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. The use of sound, characters and music make the story witty and charming and invite the listener to become a part of the story.

Prix Ex Aequo for the exceptional execution of a radio fairy tale for children: A Letter to the Future, Parts 1 and 2
Author and director: Iida Hämeen-Anttila
Produced by YLE – Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finland

The theme and production of “A Letter to the Future” are unique. The theme connects the main character Ahora, and the meaning of her name, which means ‘now.’ Through a mobile phone conversation, the present (2017) and the future (2117) become connected. Ahora becomes a metaphor for the present, which enables us to look forward and to change something now. This changes us, the listeners, and our environment, which makes us believe there is hope for a better future for everyone.

Prix Ex Aequo for best radio play for youth: Knight-in-half
Author: Ivor Martinić, Director: Mislav Brečić,
Produced by HRT – Croatian Radio, Croatia

For its ironic symbolism which depicts the broken humanity of the timeless universe and for its well-balanced musicality, sound design and direction.

Prix Ex Aequo for the exceptional execution of a radio play for youth:
Lena Samuelsson
Sound engineer of the play "The Murderer’s Ape"
Produced by SR – Swedish Radio, Sweden

For the sound engineering of a creative atmosphere and for the building of tension of extraordinary landscapes.

EBU Head of Radio Graham DIxon, who presented one of the awards, said in prepared remarks that the EBU was delighted to be a partner in the Prix Ex Aequo. which was an important event because it showed the values of distinctiveness, excellence and diversity that lay at the heart of the public media offer.




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