Sound Engineers Scheme

Photo credit: Musicians Institute

In keeping with the development of the Music Exchange among EBU radio organizations and as part of the new Media Department Strategy, the Contact Engineers and Classical Music Group, assisted by the Euroradio Music Unit in Geneva, propose the Sound Engineers Scheme, which emphasizes the continuous sharing of knowledge and learning in the field of concert recordings. This gives high technical quality the place that it deserves – at the heart of music.

The visits by experienced sound engineers to EBU radio organizations will be arranged during the first half of 2020. Both the organization willing to welcome an expert and the one offering the expert will need to apply to the programme.

The process is open to all Members, and a committee made up of experts from the Contact Engineers and the Classical Music Group will select the participants. Experienced sound engineers will be on site for at least two concerts, ideally of different genres (orchestral, opera, plus another genre is recommended), over no more than four days. They will also be available to meet with sound engineers to discuss other work. Recordings will be reviewed by their peers and by colleagues from expert groups.

The EBU will bear the costs of their travel, accommodation and a per diem, while the host organization will be responsible for setting up a precise schedule and providing lunches.

The closing date for entries has been extended to 8 January 2020. The Guidelines, to be read carefully before applying, are available here

If you wish to welcome an experienced sound engineer at your organization, please apply by clicking here.

If you wish to propose an experienced sound engineer from your organization, please apply by clicking here.




Jan.-June 2020

Year of production

Contact Engineers; Music Group

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Pascale Labrie
Head of Music
+41 79 704 38 18