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Call for proposal: The Magic Story Box

In order to facilitate the exchange of pre-school content across borders, the EBU and BBC are working together on a new concept of Pre-School Drama Series which would follow the model of the Eurovision Children’s Drama and Documentary, the two other siblings. 

The world is full of magical, mystical stories and legends. Folk tales, expressions and wisdom handed down from generation to generation. Have you heard of Princess refugees fleeing war on the moon? Mythical witches with the power to change the weather? Mischief makers riding on the backs of Billy goats through forests?

We hadn’t either, but all these tales and so many more exist as folklore around the world. Could they be true? What are your country’s favourite traditional tales for a pre-school audience?  
Every episode of The Magic Story Box would land in a different country (hopefully yours), to tell a well-known folk tale, fairy tale, legend or myth from that country.
The drama would be shot as beautiful, moving pictures; capturing striking images from these mystical tales. Children all over the world would then narrate your chosen tale in their own language. The drama would be none-spoken to achieve this, which is a real help for sharing across the world to make a pre-school drama series with true global appeal.

To get a sense of what a none–spoken, worldwide drama series based on timeless tales could look like, a pilot is available upon request (please contact Karen Simha, 

Join us in our magical story adventure!

For those of you who are not familiar with the above mentioned exchange-model, the Children’s series are based on the principle of “make one, take all”, meaning that each broadcaster produces at its own costs one episode and receives the others for free.

With this message we’d like to raise potential interests in order to develop the concept further in terms of production criteria’s / storylines, target age (4 to 6 to be defined depending on the countries), duration (10’ – 15’ max), participation, effective costs and so on… Should you be interested in having more information, please feel free to contact us.




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Thomas Grond
Head of Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2015
Karen Simha
Project Manager
+41 22 717 2885