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Sing for the Climate

In 2012 Sing For The Climate was held in Belgium. More than 380,000 people sang Do it now! and afterwards a video clip was produced that united all the voices. This clip was shown to the Belgian prime minister, the state secretary for the Environment, and Flemish and European ministers of the Environment. The politicians all signed a commitment to the climate campaign. Finally, the clip was shown at the last plenary meeting of UN Climate Conference in Doha. It may be a coincidence, but that very last night they reached an agreement to extend the Kyoto Protocol…

With your support and the help of the Global Shapers, we want to take this campaign worldwide. Because the Climate Conference in Paris (COP21) this year will be the real moment of truth, we really want to unite as many voices as possible. To let world leaders know, hear and feel that citizens want serious measures taken.

International appeal

This initiative has national and international aspects. The international video clip will be produced by the Belgian group that launched the initiative: click here to watch the 2012 clip.

All participating EBU Members will have access free of charge to the international platform where individuals can find the karaoke version of the song and upload their own video of them singing Do it now! The logos of participating EBU Members will be featured on

All participants are free to publicize the initiative at national and local level and use all national and local content at their discretion. Examples of usage could be audio-excerpts for radio shows or websites or video-excerpts for websites or TV shows.

Participating EBU Members can edit a national and/or local video clip if they wish to do so at their own expense.

"Sing For the Climate" by Nic Balthazar

Nic Balthazar is a Belgian film director and TV/radio personality, well known in Flanders as a movie critic and television presenter. Here is his speech about Sing For the Climate initative, given at TEDxGhent 2015:



Production status

Year of production

December 2015: in conjunction with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21, Paris-Le Bourget, 30 November to 11 December 2015)

Global Shapers

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Thomas Grond
Head of Young Audiences
+41 22 717 2015