City Folk celebrates the 20th series (2016-2017). Five EBU broadcasters are involved: HRT, RTBF, NTR, RTP (Centro Regional dos Açores), RTVSLO. External partners will produce additional episodes about Dhaka (RedOrange in Bangladesh) and Mexico City. 

City Folk is a 25-minutes documentary magazine about modern, multicultural city life co-produced in the framework of the Eurovision Intercultural and Diversity Group (EIDG). It portrays a colourful patchwork of people living in major European cities.

From 1998 more than 550 portrays of city people were made and broadcast on TV in 31 countries, 62 cities. Each programme features three ordinary but outspoken city people - one with a foreign background - who are filmed for one day in their lives. The series aims to counterbalance prejudices and stereotyped ideas about immigrants and other foreigners by presenting them as unique individuals irrespective the colour of their skin or their country of origin. The mix of people portrayed reflects the demographic reality in Europe's big cities, and the viewer can recognize that the lives and ambitions of others are very similar to his own, despite superficial differences.

The series has existed for twenty years already. City Folk is based on the principle "Make one, take all", that is, each broadcaster produces one episode under the guidance of an executive producer and receives the others for free.




Co-production or content offer

25' (3 items of ca. 8' in each episode)

National versions with an IT-track. Each broadcaster makes its own adaptation

Year of production

May 2017

Executive Producer
Erik Hogenboom (NTR)

Participating Broadcasters
HRT, RTBF, NTR, RTP (Centro Regional dos Açores), RTVSLO

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