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EBU Content Fund

The EBU Content Fund aims to stimulate EBU members to collaborate on impactful programming with an interest beyond regional borders.

Financial support is available for development and production of programmes involving several EBU members, during regular funding rounds. Eligible projects are selected for pitching sessions to a panel of genre experts, who assess the likely impact of projects. Final awards are made at the discretion of the EBU TV Committee taking into account the strategic objectives of the EBU, set out in the terms of each funding round.

Sustainability of the fund is sought through reimbursement from projects which reach distribution, and advantageous conditions for EBU members either through exclusive access windows or a grant of rights in certain territories form part of the assessment criteria.

To ensure you are notified when a funding round opens, please contact the Media TV Unit.


Contact detail

Matthew Trustram
Head of Television a.i.
+41 22 717 2623