Eurovision Youth News Exchange

2016 YNE plenary meeting, Angoulême

The Eurovision Youth News Exchange (YNE) is a daily multi-lateral exchange of items for children's' news programmes and magazines.

Usually daily or weekly, these programmes cover current events affairs from the child's perspective, in a language that children can understand, and clarifying the context and background of world events, to give children the tools to understand the news that they are exposed to through the media. The main objective is not to leave children unarmed in a society of communication where information would anyway reach them, and to help them to include "good news" and "bad news" in their vision of the world without traumas, in order to be able to grow up as conscious adults.
Followed by numerous children, often used in schools to educate the pupils to the understanding of current affairs, these programmes are also watched by adults who appreciate the clear and simple explanations.

The YNE is part of the Eurovision News Exchange (EVN), which permits members to exchange news items on a reciprocal basis. The members can review offers daily on the website.

Financed by EBU Members, that are active members, associate members and other non-members may gain access on a contractual basis.

YNE Group Members

Markus Mörchen, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme logo! (ZDF, Germany)

Tina Antončič, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme Infodrom (RTVSLO, Slovenia)
Frank Sivertsen, Editor-in-Chief of the children’s news programme Supernytt (NRK, Norway)
Lowe Östberg, Project Manager, children’s new programme Lilla Aktuellt (SVT, Sweden)




Production status

Target age
8 to 12 years old

Daily satellite feed

Participating Broadcasters
logo! (ZDF, Germany), Karrewiet (VRT, Belgium), Les Niouzz (RTBF, Belgium), Jeugdjournaal (NOS, Netherlands), Zapp Weekjournaal (Zapp, Netherlands), Lilla Aktuellt (SVT, Sweden), Ultra Nyt (DR, Denmark), Infodrom (RTVSLO, Slovenia), Newsround (BBC, United Kingdom), Supernytt (NRK, Norway), Zpravicky (CTV, Czech Republic), News2Day (RTE, Ireland), Hetedhét Gyerekhíradó (MTVA, Hungary), Hajbo Nytt (YLE, Finland)

Contact detail

Anne Kornmann
Project Manager
+41 22 717 24 16