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Eurovision Film Week Exchange

EBU Member broadcasters who participated in Eurovision Film Week had access to the Eurovision Film Week Exchange, a database of films which were shown throughout Europe, free of rights, during the week leading up to the European Film Awards (7 December 2013). 

Eurovision Film Week was the largest, most ambitious, multimedia film festival ever staged, with Europe's public service broadcasters showcasing feature-length films on public television and online platforms. 

To participate in Eurovision Film Week, EBU Member broadcasters had to:

  • clear the rights to at least least one film for viewing throughout Europe during the first week of December 2013
    (for a period of a month / November 15 to December 15)
  • upload a screening version of the film to the online platform Eurovision Showcase

Viewing the films on Eurovision Showcase

You can watch films submitted by participating EBU Members to the Eurovision Film Week Exchange through the online screening room, Eurovision Showcase. (Note: A login is required. Contact Natalija Gorscak for more information.) A list of the films available to date can be found below:



Schedule 1 / Eurovision Film Week 2013 / Sun. Nov 24 – Tue. Nov 26


Schedule 2 / Eurovision Film Week 2013 / Sun. Dec. 1 – Tue. Dec 3


Schedule 3 / Eurovision Film Week 2013 / Sun. Dec 8 – Tue. Dec 10





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