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On 1 January 2010 a whole new era dawned for European police. After more than six years of negotiations, the whole of Europe - except Italy - joined a treaty of police cooperation to prevent and fight organized, international crime. 

Centred at the new Europol headquarters in The Hague, European police are to join forces by setting up cross-border units, Joint Investigation Teams, known among professionals as JITs.

The truth about organized crime in Europe is breathtaking. Organized tax and VAT fraud is thought to be at least €100 billion a year. Narcotics accounts for another €100 billion. There are 100 million illicit drug users in Europe. Every year human trafficking involves roughly 270,000 victims, many of whom are children. 
There are no overall statistics for those murdered. The dead are countless.

With their much acclaimed international EMMY award-winning cop-shows, Unit One, The Eagle, and The Protectors, writers Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe have not only proved their ability to create huge ratings in Scandinavia but also to attract an international audience - often with characters and plots closely related to reality, or even 'based on true stories'. 
The Team will be the very first European 'road movie police series' offering an insight not only into a vast range of organized crime but also into a totally new type of police procedures and corporation so often demonstrated 'the FBI way' in American TV series. The series is being developed in close collaboration with Europol.

The Team is not simply a story about organized crime. It's above all a story about the people who fight organized crime. We meet the members of one of the European Joint Investigation Teams. They are given faces, bodies, and souls. 

Leon from Denmark, Jackie from Germany, Alisia from Belgium, and many others. 

Their work also comes at a personal cost. In their investigations they often find themselves staring into an abyss of death and destruction. But that is also where they find the truth. It can be hideous.




Production status

TV drama/crime series

8 x 60‘ HD or 4 x 115‘ HD

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Proposed by
Peter Thorsboe, Mai Brostrøm

Kathrine Windfeld, Kasper Gaardsøe

Production Company
Network Movie, Lunanime, Nordisk Film, Superfilm in association with C-Films


Distribution Company
ZDF Enterprises