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Three quirky lab robots, Cubic, Quark & Big-G, explore the ‘fun’ in fundamental physics through their bumbling, slapstick experiments and learn cool stuff about the universe along the way.

UK based comedy juggernaut, Baby Cow, responsible for award winning series ‘I’m Alan Partridge’ and ‘The Royle Family’, have teamed up with Bigfatstudio, line producers of Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and Tim Burton’s stop-frame feature ‘Frankenweenie’. With development support from Eurovision and added scientific gravitas from CERN, they are proud to present Cubic, Quark & Big-G, a highly original, high concept animated series and multiplatform initiative for tweens (8-12 year olds) extolling the virtues of fundamental physics through comedy.

Science & Slapstick
There are 26 five-minute episodes in all, that cover as many topics, ranging from the size of atoms and the curves in space-time, right through to the Big Bang, which wasn’t very big or, in fact, a bang! The three clumsy robots engage in one experiment (or simulation) per topic, per episode, in a crash-bang-wallop style, befitting their bumbling curiosity.
The experiments take the form of recognized demonstrations and simulations within the field, and address a wide range of fundamental topics, including the mystery of gravity, space-time, string theory and the Higgs boson, to name but a few.

Things don’t usually go to plan but success is always achieved (one way or another) with help from an unseen Narrator who guides proceedings with tongue-in-cheek gusto. He finishes off with a wrap-up of vital scientific know-how in a simplified address screened enthusiastically from Cubic’s head. Our heroes (and audience) are thus lead through the process of scientific analysis via experimentation in a fun and formative way, without them even realising it!

Multi-platform Learning
Cubic, Quark & Big-G will have a rigorous online presence through numerous media portals, including apps for smartphones and tablets, extra webisodes linking in to the 26 main topics, interactive online science-based games and a tween-friendly networking site that will allow our audience to link in with the characters and explore their fascinating world. A traditional print comic strip and digital ebook is also being developed to accompany the series.

Comedy USP
The show’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is its simple use of comedy to engage a wide audience in fundamental physics by utilising a slapstick ‘universal constant’ across language, culture and ability. Ultimately, we expect our tween viewers to seek out Cubic Quark & Big-G because it is entertaining as well as educational. To this end, the show promises to be above all else, fundamentally funny!

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