Public Service Media Contribution to Society

Tools to make a strong case for public service media


This is the moment to demonstrate the value of your organization! 

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, measuring and communicating the impact of PSM organizations was very important; now, it is an urgent need! The EBU's strategic initiative "Public Service Media Contribution to Society (PSM C2S)", helps you set up a strategy to measure and analyse your impact on society and develop a narrative that demonstrates the value you deliver.  

PSM is essential to secure a strong national media industry, a healthy democracy and a cohesive society. Let’s communicate it together!

Winning the Future Together

We're launching a new project that aims to help our Members build a clearer, more compelling and more impactful narrative about the value they deliver to society. 

How we can help you:

  • C2S Action Plan Toolkit - How to prepare, launch and capitalize on a C2S project
  • EBU Member Director General Interviews - Expertise and inspiration from PSM DGs who have championed a C2S mindset within their own organizations
  • PSM New Narrative - User-friendly tool to benchmark your organization and build up your communication & advocacy campaigns
  • On-site Member Support - To help you design and launch your own project

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Unpack the C2S mindset, build C2S capabilities or upgrade your C2S projects and strategies with our tailored service packages and workshops to accelerate your organization’s transformation.


We give you an overview of the PSM Contribution to Society framework and help introduce the C2S mindset to your organization.

Take off

This includes an interactive workshop to identify the issues that matter most to your stakeholders and understand the role your organization should play in addressing them. Give your team the confidence to launch a PSM Contribution to Society project.


For a customised Member situation analysis to develop relevant performance indicators and measure progress, we help you:

  • take your ongoing projects to the next level,
  • develop a compelling and meaningful narrative about the benefits your organization brings to society, and
  • align the C2S mindset to your corporate strategy.


Browse and download our Contribution to Society guides and reports below. You can also find our curated collection of outside reports on methods and practices to measure impact and communicate the contribution to society in our C2S Documents Library.

25 DECEMBER 2019

C2S Document Library Members Only

A collection of original reports and their curated summaries on methods and practices to measure impact...

16 DECEMBER 2019

PSM Contribution to Society Toolkit Members Only

This comprehensive resource guide includes best practices, case studies, and lessons learnt by EBU Members...

21 NOVEMBER 2019

Moving Fast or Moving Forward? Login Only

This report looks at the importance of collaboration between public service media organizations and external...

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Join us to meet like-minded peers from an international community to share ideas and find solutions to solve your organization’s challenges. Currently, our community counts 185 professionals from 43 EBU Members and Associates in 36 countries. You can become part of the PSM Contribution to Society community on LinkedIn or take part in one of our upcoming meetings and events.

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Knowledge Exchange 2020
28 - 29 Oct 2020
EBU, Grand Saconnex, Switzerland

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