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13 JUNE 2018

PSM Contribution to Society 2018 workshop report Members Only

The key takeaways of contributions from EBU Members to the 2018 workshop on PSM Contribution to Society...

25 APRIL 2018

Public Service Media Contribution to Democracy Login Only

The PSM Contribution to Society Project provides tools to help Members identify, assess and communicate...

A new mindset for public service media

The Public Service Media (PSM) Contribution to Society project explores what mindset, tools and actions would enable EBU Members to develop a new narrative and eventually a new corporate strategy focused on delivering societal value.

As the boundaries of traditional media dissolve, EBU Members must reconsider not only their products, services and distribution strategies, but also their remit, role and legitimacy. The current socio-economic context is very different from the conditions that gave rise to PSM.

As a result, our Members face a key issue: politicians, market players and, most importantly, the citizens, do not always understand what public service media stands for and what value it delivers. This poses a serious risk for the future sustainability of PSM across Europe.


Action plan

Led by our Media Intelligence Service (MIS), our activities are organized into 4 areas:

EBU Member support

If your organization is willing to explore the Contribution to Society mindset or launch its own project, the EBU is ready to help you. Check out our 4 support packages or contact us for more information. Additionally, our one-day workshops bring together EBU Members to foster the exchange of practical experiences and best practices.

Network of experts for EBU Members

Our Members-only community on LinkedIn or Facebook is the perfect platform to exchange ideas, ask questions, share the outcome of your C2S projects and follow everything related to the project. Our newsletter also provides a good overview of relevant projects.

Raising awareness

Our team will continue to actively spread the word about the Contribution to Society mindset and the outcomes of this project.


MIS will continue to compile knowledge and best practices about how to assess PSM's impact and contribution to society (available in our document library - UPDATE Jan 2019).

The team

Headed by MIS, the success of the PSM Contribution to Society project relies on the engagement of EBU Members. Our team of experts includes:

  • Dr Roberto Suárez Candel, Head of Strategy & Media Intelligence (Sponsor)
  • Dr David Fernández, Manager of Media Intelligence Service
  • Dr Tanja Meyerhofer, Senior Strategy Analyst
  • Carina Haupt, Media Analyst

Stay up-to-date


Upcoming events

PSM Contribution to Society Workshop
16 May 2019
ORF Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Contact detail

David Fernandez Quijada
Manager of Media Intelligence Service

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