ACTIVITY REPORT published on 03 Oct 2016 • Department / Unit Academy Media

Activity report 2015-2016: Eurovision Academy

This report details the activities and achievements of Eurovision Academy services from October 2015 to September 2016.

The past year at the Eurovision Academy was both busy and challenging. On the one hand, they had to quickly respond to the rapidly changing media environment by providing our Members with a series of innovative Master Classes, such as viral videos and UGC in the newsrooms. On the other hand, they had to take into account our Members' increasingly difficult financial circumstances.

Overall, the Academy ran 63 courses in their 6 service portfolios. As many as 1,034 participants attended our programmes, which is a 45% increase compared to last year.

Eurovision Academy will continue working hard to provide the best possible service for our Members and equip them with digital and managerial capabilities during these disruptive times.