ACTIVITY REPORTS published on 13 Jun 2018

Big Data Initiative: Activity Report 2017-18

For 2017-18, the Big Data Initiative (BDI) had two goals: addressing operational, industry-led issues and growing our big data community and network.

Events that focused on sign-in practices and data journalism (September and October 2017) led to in-depth discussions from industry experts on best practice, common issues and future challenges. The digital maturity survey, as well as several ad hoc meetings, completed this industry-led strand of activities.

As usual, the EBU’s 3rd annual Big Data Week attracted a wide array of policy makers, strategists, researchers and other professionals. As in past years, the event raised awareness among PSM organizations about the importance of data collection, analysis, processing and circulation for business purposes and the associated risks.

Via our collaboration with egta and EPFL, the BDI shone light on data strategies for TV and radio marketers, and demonstrated the importance of academic research and innovation in relation to media's digital transformation.

We also held thematic workshops, presented findings at EU and international events and, last but not least, together with Humix consultancy, conducted a survey on EBU Members' maturity in becoming more data-driven organizations.

Find more information, as well as advice from experts, in the report.