ACTIVITY REPORTS published on 28 Oct 2015

Activity Report 2014-2015: News

We live in a world of unending technological upheaval that continues to change our lives in ways that are truly revolutionary. The speed of this change is unprecedented, as are the opportunities on offer. If we fail to take advantage of them, we risk becoming irrelevant.

During this assembly, we will present the Eurovision News Strategy, aimed at leveraging these opportunities to make sure that the Eurovision News Unit and the News Exchange – the heart of the unit – will continue to evolve and meet the newsgathering needs of Members well into the future.

Before looking ahead, however, I would like to take a quick look back at what has been accomplished to date.

The past year has kept us extremely busy on the news front, starting with a series of terrorist attacks in France and Tunisia, the advance of ISIL, and the Eurozone and refugee crises.

The year will also see the completion of two major milestone projects: Transition-to-File (TTF), which has dramatically transformed the Exchange, making it a truly cross-platform operation, and the FNRMN project that provides a dedicated transmission and reception network for the News Exchange.

However, in a world of never-ending technological evolution, as always, new challenges lie ahead.

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