ACTIVITY REPORTS published on 05 Dec 2019

Transforming the EBU

As we have presented at General Assemblies over the last 12 months, the EBU has embarked on a new ‘Together’ strategy that has a clear ‘Member First’ focus at its core.

This is a response to the changes affecting the media industry as a whole and to the challenges, threats and opportunities faced by our Members. It also aims to meet their clearly expressed expectations about the role the EBU should play and the services it should provide.

Furthermore, our new strategy marks a step forward in our willingness to continue transforming this organization so that it is managed and operated according to the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

We want to bring greater transparency, accountability and clarity to Members on all of the above.

This document highlights a range of the initiatives we have undertaken, summarises what we have found and outlines actions we will take.

Noel Curran, EBU Director General