ACTIVITY REPORTS published on 02 Oct 2020

Annual Report 2019-2020

2020 was a year none of us could have anticipated. The coronavirus pandemic led to a period of unprecedented change both for ourselves and for our Members. Remote working solutions needed to be devised, schedules re-arranged, new technologies developed and new services launched.
In response to this, we have produced a slightly abridged Annual Report to allow for a longer report on how the EBU and our Members have responded to the pandemic.

2019 saw the roll-out of the EBU’s new Member Services Strategy – Together. The new strategy is focused on helping our Members address their challenges, navigate digital transformation and secure their future as well as promoting their contribution to society. The strategy implementation work plan achieved an 87% completion rate in 2019, demonstrating how well staff have embraced the new strategy and used it to refocus their activities.

Download the full report to find out what we've achieved over the last year.