REPORT published on 06 Dec 2017 • Department / Unit Radio Media

Euroradio Music Exchange at 50: Looking back, looking forward

Music has never respected frontiers. Not relying on language, music can move without any friction around the globe. Audiences have always taken pleasure in discovering the sounds from beyond their immediate worlds. Radio has always responded to this curiosity, bringing peoples together around a shared experience.

For the last fifty years, the EBU Music Exchange has opened the world of music experience to millions of listeners around Europe and beyond. From its modest beginnings with a seven-concert series, the Exchange has expanded to embrace more countries and all musical genres. Now the annual offer comprises around 3000 concerts, enriching listeners’ lives with the world’s greatest music, featuring leading performers and venues. In short, the Music Exchange opens new horizons.

Public media is uniquely dedicated to supporting new talent, introducing the unexpected, and the pursuit of quality. On this fiftieth anniversary, and amid a rapidly changing media landscape, this collaboration continues as relevant and energetic as ever.