REPORT published on 04 Dec 2015 • Department / Unit Academy Technology & Innovation Media

Media integration: IMPS key findings from visits to EBU Members

This document is designed to be a source of understanding and inspiration for broadcast leaders and managers, regardless of the stage of media integration they find themselves in.

The Integration Media Production Strategies (IMPS) project aims to assist Members in planning and implementing integrated production facilities, addressing organizational, editorial and technical issues, and facilitating experience-sharing among Members.

Additional aims of IMPS are to develop reference models for production platforms and newsroom organization, make change management processes transparent, and develop guidelines for best practices.

Visits to fully or partly integrated broadcasters are the main deliverable of the IMPS project, plus technical recommendations and interactions with the industry. As the 10 IMPS visits conducted in the period 2012–2014 mainly focused on integrated news and current affairs production, this paper primarily deals with the experience of EBU Members’ news departments.

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