REPORT published on 05 Dec 2018 • Department / Unit Digital Media Media

Non-linear scheduling workshop report


As the delivery of content via on-demand streaming platforms becomes increasingly important for public service media (PSM), the question arises as to how best to “schedule” programmes in non-linear environments. While the role of the broadcast scheduler is well established, with experienced practitioners at all EBU Members, those with the task of making content available on nonlinear streaming platforms remain on a learning curve. A new role is being invented.


The EBU organized a workshop on non-linear scheduling on 6 November 2018 as a shared initiative from the Television Committee and the Digital Steering Committee and presented an opportunity to discuss the challenges of this new role. There were more than 40 participants, representing 16 EBU Members. Those in attendance included heads of digital, scheduling, programming or editorial units, managing editors, planning coordinators, and specialists involved with online and social media platforms.