POSITION PAPERS published on 08 Mar 2019

EBU Speaker Policy

Gender equality - why does it matter?

Diversity and inclusion are the key to meaningful discussions. Questioning gender balance in our events and conferences isn’t just the ‘right thing to do’, it will improve the quality of those events, producing better debates and better outcomes.

Research suggests that balanced and diverse groups have a collective higher IQ and make better, more innovative decisions. Organizations that support and encourage a diversity of viewpoints and focus of female empowerment have also been shown to be more successful.

It is our responsibility, as we uphold the values of public service media, to ensure we reflect the diversity of our audience and reject unconscious biases. It will ultimately improve the quality of our work and set an example to the wider industry and the next generation.

Take a closer look at our speaker policy to see how we aim to achieve a balance across gender, geography and experience in panels that we take part in, as well as panel discussions that we organize at EBU events.