RESEARCH published on 29 Apr 2021

Radio Distribution Networks

Distribution of radio signals is a key competitive element of today’s radio landscape. With nearly 90% of radio consumption being to linear radio stations transmitted via broadcast networks, understanding the dynamics of those networks across the EBU area will help you to benchmark your market and your own radio services regarding distribution.


That’s why we have compiled this unique dataset, that brings together key and exclusive data on the distribution of the 12,044 radio stations currently broadcasting across the EBU area, with breakdowns for analogue (FM, medium wave and long wave) and digital (DAB and DAB+) national radio stations, as well as international services in short wave and DRM. Breakdowns by public and commercial radio stations for each network are also available.


The dataset has a dedicated section to the 1,926 stations currently broadcasting in DAB/DAB+, with details for ownership, coverage, standard, genre and exclusivity.


All these unique datapoints are available for 2017, 2019 and 2021.


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