GUIDES published on 19 Nov 2019

The Next Newsroom: Unlocking the Power of AI for Public Service Journalism

In this EBU News Report of 2019, we examine what the fourth major wave of digital transformation means for public service journalism. This new wave, after online, mobile and social, is defined by opportunities and threats of artificial intelligence and data technologies.

There is a lot of hype around AI but for those who see the real potential, it may be able to make public service journalism more valuable to the audience and more inspiring to practice. The report provides a comprehensive review of the current thinking on AI and journalism as well as practical case studies, checklists and tool-kits.

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"I believe that the art of listening is crucial to a public service company. Right now we are in the process of fully learning how to listen through data. Data knowledge is a key factor in decision making and needs to be at the heart of the company. All information of users adds to the holistic understanding of their needs and improves our services. 

By co-creating around data we cannot only maximize viewing, but also broaden perspectives and stimulate learning, all in line with the very essence of public service.

The use of data and AI are impacting the public in more ways than we can imagine. It is our job as public service journalists to increase understanding. How the mechanisms behind AI work is hard to investigate as it is an area that many times lacks transparency. But gladly we are seeing more and more excellent journalism that helps the audience navigate in this new landscape, and this is in my opinion public service for the 21st century in its finest form."

Hanna Stjärne, Director General SVT 


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