POSITION PAPERS published on 15 Sep 2014

Media Convergence

Smart TVs, set-top boxes, tablets and games consoles that offer hybrid broadcast and broadband experiences are now mainstream products. In addition to live TV programmes, viewers can enjoy content delivered from the internet to their first or second screens, with access to social networks, real-time viewing recommendations, on-demand services, personalized news, and much more.

As broadcasting merges with the internet, new opportunities for content arise and audiences are given greater choice, a broader range of content and more interactivity, anytime, anywhere.

The EBU has played a leading role in developing interoperable technical standards for hybrid TV services (HbbTV, YouView, MHEG-5, and MHP), along with RadioDNS for hybrid radio. Public Service Media (PSM) are frontrunners when it comes to producing and disseminating high-quality news, documentaries, fiction and sports coverage. To meet society’s democratic, cultural and social needs, PSM programmes must be easy to access on all platforms, networks and devices.