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Strategy Reports - 04 Sep 2008
Digital radio opportunities in Europe - 2008 Restricted

Digital radio has had limited success in Europe, except in some countries. This report analysis the current situation, provides reasons for switching to digital radio, discusses the related spectrum issues and clarifies the different digital broadcast systems available.

BPN - 30 Jul 2008
New HDTV Distribution Compression System Analysis Restricted

The information in this document is intended to assist technical managers and experts in EBU members making strategic decisions concerning the introduction of HDTV in their television distribution environments.

BPN - 30 Jul 2008
System Analysis ATEME KYRION AH2101 Broadcast Encoder Restricted
This document concerns the ATEME Kyrion AH2101 broadcast encoder, one of the commercially available broadcast encoders for the H.264/AVC video compression algorithm which was adopted by DVB in 2005 in addition to MPEG-2, for broadcast distribution.
BPN - 30 Jul 2008
System Analysis HARMONIC ELECTRA 7000 Broadcast Encoder Restricted

This document concerns the HARMONIC Electra 7000 broadcast encoder, another of the commercially available broadcast encoders for H.264/AVC.

Tech 3000 series - 30 Jul 2008
Planning parameters for hand-held reception 

This document, in its second version, provides guidance for network planning and implementation aspects for hand-held reception using DVB-H and T-DMB. It provides, in particular, the planning parameters of the two systems.

Position paper - 28 Jul 2008
Review of the PSI Directive 
Comments by the EBU on the public consultation on the Review of the PSI Directive
Strategy Reports - 29 Jun 2008
Public Youth Radio in Europe 

This EBU SIS report executive summary provides an overview of EBU Members youth radio services and a description of the new media landscape. It includes sociological and economical trends, radio consumption trends, the digital music industry, Internet youth usage and new radio platforms.

Tech 3000 series - 29 Jun 2008
File transfer guidelines 

This document is intended to produce a set of guidelines for file transfer in order to help EBU members to implement file based content exchange in their own premises and also between broadcasters, for example via the EUROVISION networks (satellite or fibre based).

Tech 3000 series - 29 Jun 2008
Technical Bases for DRM Services Coverage Planning 

This document looks at digital sound broadcasting in the bands below 30MHz. Its focus is the DRM system, developed for use in the LF, MF and HF bands. this publication is intended to be a reference document for DRM planning. It includes information on the experience of EBU members with DRM.

BPN - 30 May 2008
EBU Guidelines on the use of spectrum for broadcasting Restricted

The goal of this document is to give guidance to EBU members on general issues related to the use of spectrum for broadcasting. This document is a work in progress, as some of the issues are still under discussion.

Recommendations - 30 May 2008
EBU Guidelines for the RRC-06 

EBU I 37 gave guidance to EBU members in the preparation for and participation at the ITU Regional Radiocommunications Conference RRC-06. This version of I37 was the second version of the second issue before the RRC-06

Tech 3000 series - 30 May 2008
A Tutorial on Audio Contribution over IP 

This publication is intended to support EBU members with their audio-over-IP contribution systems.

Tech 3000 series - 30 May 2008
Status of High Definition Television Delivery Technology (Spring 2008) 

This document examines the options for source formats and for encoding HDTV signals and examines how these will affect the quality the viewer sees.

Recommendations - 30 Mar 2008
Digitisation of programme material in Audio Archives 

This recommendation specifies technical requirements for the transfer of analogue audio material into a digitised form.

Tech 3000 series - 30 Mar 2008
General conditions for the control of transmitter equipment with SNMP 

Tech 3323 recommends a set of elements needed to control transmitter-related devices using an SNMP structure. It is based on the work done by the IRT in collaboration with the transmitter management industry. Equivalent German recommendation: TR5/1.0 part 3. Also see: IRT-TC-MIB.

Position paper - 10 Mar 2008
Review of the Broadcasting Communication 
EBU reply to the Commission's questionnaire on the application of State aid rules to public service broadcasting (Broadcasting Communication, OJ 2001 C 320/5)
Position paper - 29 Feb 2008
Creative content online 
EBU Comments to the EC Commission's 2nd public consultation paper on Creative Content Online
Position paper - 19 Feb 2008
EU Telecoms Reform 
EBU proposal for Amendments to the draft Amending Directive regarding the Framework, Access and Authorisation Directives ('Better Regulation') COM(2007) 697 final
Position paper - 19 Feb 2008
EU Telecoms Reform 
EBU proposal for Amendments to the draft Amending Directive regarding the Universal Service and e-Privacy Directives ('Citizen's Rights') COM(2007) 698 final
Strategy Reports - 30 Jan 2008
Mobile Broadcast Television in Europe 

The executive summary of a SIS report that covers the major western European markets and is based primarily on interviews with experts and key players in the industry including broadcasters, network operators, and regulators. The focus of the report is broadcast mobile television.