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Tech 3000 series - 26 May 2012
Assessment of a Nikon D4 DSLR 

Assessment of a Nikon D4 DSLR performed by Alan Roberts in line with EBU R 118. This report is a supplement to EBU Tech 3335.

Other - 24 May 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Public Service News: making the difference 
23-24.05.2012, BBC Academy, London, UK Programme
Recommendations - 09 May 2012
Transport of Subtitles using MXF in IT-based TV production 

The means of transporting subtitles & captions using MXF (the de-facto standard for A/V essence) in IT-based television production environments is specified.

Other - 07 May 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Data Journalism 
07-08.05.2012, EBU Geneva Programme
Other - 26 Apr 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Material eXchange Format (MXF) 
26-27.04.2012, EBU Geneva Programme
Recommendations - 28 Mar 2012
Production & Exchange Formats for 3DTV Programmes 

This recommendation gives technical aid to broadcasters who intend to use 2D HDTV infrastructures to produce 3DTV programmes. Another EBU document on 3DTV production guidelines that will deal with issues such as the grammar of 3DTV scene production (depth range, permissible parallax, convergence etc.) will also be published. This is rev.1.

Position paper - 28 Mar 2012
Data Protection 
EBU comments regarding the Council of Europe's new proposals for modernisation of Convention 108
Other - 28 Mar 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Off The Record : Towards a Green Growth? – The Economic challenge of Climate Change“ 
28.03.2012, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK), Potsdam, Germany Programme
Tech 3000 series - 26 Mar 2012
Assessment of a Nikon D800 DSLR 

Assessment of a Nikon D800 DSLR performed by Alan Roberts in line with EBU R 118. This report is a supplement to EBU Tech 3335.

Other - 22 Mar 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Network & Learn : Social Media: the power of the Audience and how to use it? 
22.03.2012, London School of Economics, London, UK Programme
Viewpoint - 15 Mar 2012
Public Service Media Funding 
EBU Viewpoint - To honour their remits, public broadcasters need specific, sustainable funding. The funding model must fit the context, i.e. sources of revenue must be long-term and independent of national...
Other - 12 Mar 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Building a Social Media Strategy for your News 
12-13.03.2012, EBU Geneva Programme
Tech-i magazine - 28 Feb 2012
White Spaces 

The March 2012 issue of tech-i covers TV White Spaces, LED lights, colorimetry and storage. You'll also find three radio-related articles, from FM swtich-off plans in Norway, to Loudness considerations and a strategic view from Lieven Vermaele. Finally, RTR's Igor Orlov is "in the spotlight" and David Wood asks how much R&D should be done by broadcasters.

Other - 21 Feb 2012
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Transmedia Storytelling 
21-22.02.2012, EBU Geneva Programme
Reference text - 15 Feb 2012
Public service media governance 
Recommendation CM/Rec(2012)1 of the Committee of Ministers on public service media governance
Viewpoint - 15 Feb 2012
Empowering Citizenship through Media Literacy: the Role of PSM 
EBU Viewpoint - Public service media (PSM) advance everyday media literacy: the ability to access the media, to understand and critically evaluate its content and communicate over a range of platforms.