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Other - 14 Mar 2013
Eurovision ACADEMY IMPS Theme Visit : Integrated Media Production 
14-15.3.2013, SWR New Production Centre, Stuttgart, Germany Programme
Other - 13 Mar 2013
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class: Cyber Data Security for Journalists 
13-14.3.2013, EBU, Geneva Programme
Other - 12 Mar 2013
Eurovision ACADEMY Network & Learn for Security Officers 
12.03.2013, EBU, Geneva Programme
BPN - 08 Mar 2013
Frequency Bands Allocated To Broadcasting 

EBU BPN 045 is withdrawn and has been superseded by EBU Technical Report TR 018. The TR is intended to give an overview of the associated regulation and applications of the different frequency bands allocated to broadcasting. For each frequency band, it includes references to the Radio Regulations of 2012 and to the European table of frequency allocations approved in 2013.

Tech-i magazine - 05 Mar 2013
EBU tech-i magazine 

Issue 15 of tech-i focuses on terrestrial broadcasting and some of the ongoing debates around media content delivery. There are articles on the future use of the 700 MHz band and the comparative strengths and weaknesses of broadcast vs broadband delivery. The thorny problem of satellite jamming is explained and there's a report on the EU Digital Agenda. All of this plus new audio technologies, intercom interoperability, an introduction ot the EBU's Technical Liaison Officers, a profile of SVT and much more.

Guide - 26 Feb 2013
Extended Collective Licensing 
A valuable catalyst for the creative content economy in Europe The term “extended collective licensing” is often misunderstood. It does not make collective licensing compulsory by law; nor does it mean...
Other - 25 Feb 2013
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Social Media for TV Programmes 
25-26.2.2013, EBU, Geneva Programme
Position paper - 18 Feb 2013
Data protection and freedom of expression 
Welcoming the European Commission's proposal for a Regulation on General Data Protection, the EBU wishes to focus on two areas which are of fundamental importance for European media: ensuring the right...
Other - 07 Feb 2013
07-08.02.2013, EBU Geneva Programme
Other - 05 Feb 2013
Eurovision ACADEMY Master Class : Transmedia Programming 
05-06.02.2013, EBU, Geneva Programme
Viewpoint - 22 Jan 2013
Media Freedom and Pluralism 
Informed citizenship and the fundamental right to freedom of expression and information can only be guaranteed in any democratic society through media freedom and pluralism supported by the availability...
Tech 3000 series - 22 Jan 2013
Case Studies on the Implementation of DRM+ in Band II 

This very comprehensive report provides the relevant parameters and planning criteria for the implementation of DRM+ in Band II.